Preventing “Arousal Frenzy” – High-Profile Indiscretion Case Prompts New Naked Therapy Approach from Sarah White

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Preventing “Arousal Frenzy” – High-Profile Indiscretion Case Prompts New Naked Therapy Approach from Sarah White

In response to the Anthony Weiner case, Sarah White, the Naked Therapist, has announced a new Naked Therapy approach that recognizes the “arousal brain” and is designed to help men avoid what she calls “uncontrollable acts of arousal frenzy.” As Ms. White says, “the methods of Naked Therapy are particularly suited to help men overcome such acts by practicing thinking rationally while aroused.”

According to Ms. White, who practices at, “once such acts are committed, everyone wonders how so many men could make such bad choices. But we need to stop saying ‘men need to get help’ and start saying ‘help needs to get men.’ That means we need to employ methods that are relevant to the challenges they’re facing.”

What will help men in these cases, says Ms. White, is to enter Naked Therapy and begin exploring their arousal brain in a safe, experiential context so they can gain control over it. By engaging their minds “in a state of arousal” in the non-judgmental context of Naked Therapy, “they become far less likely to let it lead them down the road of self-destruction.”

While some frown on her techniques, Ms. White claims “Naked Therapy is therapy. It helps men navigate, not just discuss, this new world of overwhelming arousal so they can lead wiser lives.” Unfortunately, as Ms. White points out, men like Mr. Weiner typically enter traditional therapy whose methods often prove irrelevant: “Thanks to the Internet, men have gained access to unforeseen amounts and types of arousing experiences. And like it or not, they are going to engage in them. Therefore, they need to learn to handle themselves in this new world, but having them sit in a therapy room talking about it is like teaching someone to swim by drawing a diagram. He needs to be thrown in the water, and that’s what Naked Therapy does.”

When a man enters Naked Therapy with Ms. White, the two share in many of the same techniques as traditional therapy, but the sessions also involve Ms. White helping her client discuss his thoughts and feelings while engaging his arousal brain. How does she do that? “For some clients it’s removing my clothes, for others it’s talking sexually or about sexual issues, and for others it’s simply listening to and being supportive of their desires and concerns.”

As Ms. White says, “With the pseudo-anonymity that the Internet allows, many men with beautiful families and promising careers are committing self-destructive acts of arousal frenzy. Why are they doing it? Simple: they are acting under the uncontrollable influences of the arousal brain, which, because they have never engaged or discussed it in a safe setting, overtake them and ruin their lives. Naked Therapy and its unique approach can help men learn to act responsibly when aroused.”

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*Ms. White sent a message to Anthony Weiner’s office offering a free Naked Therapy session on June 7, 2011. As of June 11, 2011, no response has been received.