Penelope is a 28 year old Naked Therapist-in-Training from Vancouver, BC.

Hi, I’m Penelope Wolfe and I am a Naked Therapist-in-Training. I’m also an exotic dancer and have performed all over the world, including Paris, London and Tokyo. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a minor in Dance. My passions include art, fashion, travel and nature. I love yoga for it’s restorative qualities and practice daily. I also speak fluent French.

I believe the key to happiness is to feel balanced by seeking an integration of body and mind. Through open communication and with a relaxed focus I hope to help you to find this balance. I approach my sessions with an open mind so you can drop all inhibition and feel free to talk without judgment as we explore your thoughts, emotions and desires.

I believe that arousal is a beautiful and powerful energy that through exploration can shift the areas in your life where you may be feeling blocked.

I look forward to building an intimate and meaningful relationship with you soon!

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Why I became a Naked Therapist

The transition from exotic dancing to naked therapy was seamless. As a dancer I enjoy exploring my sexuality and sensuality immensely. The charge I felt in strip clubs was often euphoric and I loved playfully dismantling the inhibitions of strangers. I’ve had numerous intimate and meaningful exchanges while dancing, but it was often difficult to transcend the environment and get to the heart of why someone was really there and how they were truly feeling. When I did find such a connection, it could be quite profound. I have had many clients return often seeking just to talk. And so, behind the flashing lights, the costumes and loud music you could find me in a velvet curtained room listening intently.

It was these kinds of connections I came to prefer. I realized that there was all too often an escapism and posturing in nightclubs not at all in alignment with the people that were there. I have always sought to be honest with myself and with others and to grow in a positive direction. I enjoy surrounding myself with people who have a similar interest in self exploration. I loved making people feel good with my positive energy through dancing, but I always felt something more meaningful could take place. The intentionality of Naked Therapy speaks to that. I still enjoy giving a sensual striptease, but with open communication and expression of feelings helping people live bigger brighter lives, I am much more fulfilled.

Arousal is such a seductive energy that brings one into the moment and to a greater state of awareness. It opens the body toward a more visceral experience that can expose us to our hidden feelings. Through nakedness and sensuality we create a shared intimacy which allows for an unravelling of thoughts and emotion. Through this self expression we can feel a greater sense of calm and clarity. As we strip away our clothes and remove our inhibitions we open up to a greater understanding of ourselves and perhaps even of others.

The connection between sexuality and emotion is essential. Naked Therapy resonated with me on such a deep level and offered a philosophy that I have always shared. As a Naked Therapist I hope to help people to get in touch with their feelings and with their bodies through meaningful interaction.