Carli is a 21 year old Naked Therapist-in-Training from Pittsburg, PA.

Hello, my name is Carli, and it’s so nice to meet you! I am the newest and youngest member of the Naked Therapy team. In conjunction with Sarah’s extensive specialized knowledge on the topic, her guidance, and some on-the-job training, I am developing my practice by studying and talking to clients. I live for helping others and know I can make a big difference in your life.

In my spare time I love to expand my creativity and express myself through almost every form of art. I’ll soon be sharing that portfolio on my personal page. My other passions are playing the guitar and listening to a wide variety of music. I also love nature and being in the fresh air and sharing life with the ones around me. I believe that empowerment and happiness come from deeply investigating ourselves, our potential for creativity, and our relationships. It’s these principles that guide me as I seek to change people’s lives so they can enjoy theirs as much as I enjoy mine.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that maybe even just reading this has given you some good vibes and impacted your life in a positive way!

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Dear Sarah,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to verify what a gem you have in your new therapist in training: Carli Moore.

Carli was responsive and cooperative regarding all of my questions regarding the process. And, to her credit, she answered each one of my emails promptly, professionally, and with an upbeat attitude. She really made me feel she was committed and even excited to be working with me. As a result, she made that excitement contagious. I found myself looking forward to my session more than a 12 year old looks forward to Christmas morning.

Anyhow, I had my first session with Carli earlier tonight and it was an enlightening, enjoyable, and very therapeutic experience. Carli has a very easy way about her that, along with her stunning looks and figure, makes it easy to quickly become comfortable. She did an excellent job of walking that very fine line between maintaining the proper professional distance and being approachable enough to open up safely to.

For a young woman of only 21 or 22, Carli has a folksy wisdom about her mixed with a childlike whimsy that is very appealing and highly applicable to the new field you are pioneering. In my humble opinion, you should make sure you hold onto her and nurture her talents.

D. from Missouri

Why I Became a Naked Therapist

When I first heard of Sarah and her practice of Naked Therapy through the news, I was instantly interested, so I got online and found her website. Having read the entire site, I emailed her and told her what a great idea I thought her practice was and asked if I might be able t join. I think at that moment I wanted to crack the window of exploring myself as well. What I found most intriguing was how she was really helping people in this different way, and I felt excited to join her practice and try to help as well.

To start, I would like to explain what therapy is to me, and then I can accurately describe what drove me to Naked Therapy. I think therapy is the act of one person trying to heal another by communication, interaction, and stimulation. Unfortunately I think modern therapy is too cold to succeed in that respect. I’ve always felt traditional therapy is flawed because the patient is the one exposing himself and the therapist never seems to open up. With Sarah’s technique how can you feel uncomfortable when a beautiful, well spoken woman is the one exposing herself to you? I have read Sarah’s website and her testimonials, and it sounds like her patients experience a healing therapy and leave with a positive outlook. Naked Therapy can work to benefit one in many different ways. In short, I’m just confident that the sensual approach to therapy just makes sense!

What makes communication easy? I think you will agree when I say its being comfortable with the person you’re talking to and the environment. Now picture traditional therapy: you’re anxiously sitting in a clinical room (when even just waiting to see the doctor can cause stress). You then go and try to open up to some stranger with his box of tissues and analytical style. Many leave even more confused at the raw way therapy tries to cut right to the heart of emotional issues, making them bleed sometimes. It might not be what you wanted, but it’s what you got. Now think of your ideal environment. Is it bright? Dark? colorful? Inside or outside? I bet the most comfortable place is where you’re sitting right now and that makes it the very best place to heal. Now what makes you even more comfortable? Feeling good and relaxing, not having to stress and argue about matters that man has created for himself. In Naked Therapy you are not only comfortable, but you’re sharing it with someone who is comfortable naked, so you leave with empowerment, drive, and enrichment from the experience. That is the goal.

I feel very gracious to get this opportunity to learn from Sarah and to join her in helping others. There is a long road that I will be walking down and I will be sharing a lot about my experiences along the way, so I hope you join me!