Photo of Sarah White by Abdul Smith
To my friends in the press:

Now that Anthony Weiner has decided to “enter treatment,” I am contacting you to ask you to help me stop the misguided public discourse over Rep. Weiner and the issue of “indiscretion by men in high places.” This misunderstanding is typified by this June 11 article in the NY TImes:

As I said in my recent press release, which you can find at, what happened to Mr. Weiner, and to so many men before him (and most likely to many more men after him) was a case of “arousal frenzy” which will NOT be helped through traditional forms of “treatment.” Having a man sit in a clinical room talking about why he feels compelled to act sexually is like trying to teach someone to ride a bike by drawing a diagram. You have to get him on the bike!

What Anthony Weiner and other men need is to engage in Naked Therapy so they can start bridging the gap between their rational brain and their arousal brain. They need to talk about themselves, explore their feelings, discuss their choices WHILE AROUSED so they can learn to navigate this brave new Internet world in which sexual opportunities come streaming at us 24/7.

Please help me call on Anthony Weiner, journalists, therapists and American society in general to face the fact that traditional therapy and treatment methods are not best suited to help men overcome the modern plague of “uncontrollable acts of arousal frenzy” that is so rampant in our society. It’s time to try something new – something that specifically addresses the sexuality of men in our arousal-saturated modern world – with the goal of discovering a method that actually works.

It’s time to try Naked Therapy.

Thank you,

Sarah White
The Naked Therapist(TM)